We can't make it more fun, but we can make it easier.

More time for what really matters

MemBirds is built in such a way that the administrative part of your business costs you as little time as possible.

So you can focus on what really matters in your business: Helping customers get results and making sales.


An automated and smooth administration

EU VAT handling

MemBirds automatically calculates and applies the right VAT rates on your checkout pages.

Automatic credit invoices

Within 1 click you can refund an order and a credit invoice will be automatically generated. Manually creating credit invoices is no longer necessary.

Partial refunds

Refund an order partially and save a lot of time. The original invoice is also automatically updated.

Automatic refunds in Stripe

Logging into different systems is not necessary. You can simply set everything from your MemBirds account.


Export order data in CSV or Excel format and import directly into your accounting software or forward it to your accountant.

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