Set up your own online community in a matter of seconds, in which members can interact with, help and inspire each other.

Your own online community

Set up your own community within MemBirds, in which members can interact with, help and inspire each other.

It's kinda like a Facebook group, but with the advantage that everything takes place within YOUR OWN member environment. So without members being distracted by all the noise that can be found on Facebook.

In addition, our community is equipped with all modern techniques that large social media platforms also use to increase engagement (gamification).


All you need for maximum engagement in your community


The most important place of your community. This is where all new messages are posted and members can interact.

Likes & comments

Just like on a “real” social media platform, members can like each other's posts and leave comments.


Easily gauge the opinion of your members by using a poll and receive feedback in a fun and easy way.

Pinned posts

Highlight important posts to make sure no member misses your message.


By using this form of gamification, you can reward the most valuable members and stimulate extra engagement in your community.


As members are more active they can level up. This makes your group more fun and more engaging. Personalize by choosing the names of the levels yourself.

Group rules

So that you can define clear guidelines about what is and what is not allowed in your community.


Give members extra appreciation by marking their message as a gem. Gems are available by a limited amount and are therefore more valuable than a "regular" like.


So that you do not have a dump of all posts on one big pile, but that all posts are neatly sorted into clear categories.


Let members decide for themselves which type of notifications they want to receive. Via email, live, or in the notification overview.

User profiles

Each user has their own profile, including bio, profile picture and the current level they are on. This really brings your community to life and creates a personal atmosphere.

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