Online courses

Put together your own online course or membership within a few clicks and without any technical skills.


Sell knowledge on your terms


Add videos, audio, text or downloads (e.g. PDF) to your product and deliver content in a form that works for you.

Content dripping

Release content in phases per module or per lesson according to a schedule that you can set yourself.

Progress indicator

Members can see exactly where they left off in your course and can continue directly from that point.

Disappearing content

Make sure your product gets consumed better by making content disappear after a certain period of time.

Choose start date

Set a day of the week or specific date when your members can access the content at the same time.

Edit on the go

The MemBirds editor also works on mobile phones and tablets, so you can edit your site wherever you are.

Product templates

Choose a layout from our templates that suits your product best.

Standalone course

Build your own course with modules and lessons, consisting of text, images, videos, audio, MP3, PDFs, etc.

Course bundle

Sell a bundle of multiple courses, each consisting of modules and lessons.


Add one or more instructors, link them to your products and provide background information if necessary.


Inform members about e.g. coaching calls and let them register directly from your member area.

Progress per member

Monitor member progress and gain insight into how well your content is being consumed.

"View as" feature

Which allows you to see exactly how your member site will appear for a specific member when he or she logs in.

Sell more to existing members

Sell more to existing customers by capitalizing on their urge to collect.

Multiple admins

Team members can help build your members area, without needing your personal password.

Ready to launch in just a few clicks

Sell your knowledge through courses, bundles of courses, downloads, memberships or subscriptions. Any type of online product can be sold.

Thanks to our handy drag and drop editor and user-friendly control panel, you don't need any technical skills to put together a cool looking member site.

Optimized for maximum consumption

Gone are the days of customers not getting results because they simply don't watch your content.

MemBirds is equipped with some built-in backend triggers, so that your content is consumed much better.

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