Sell your products through our built-in payment system with checkout pages optimized for maximum conversion. Technical skills are not necessary.

Create your own payment pages

After you have connected your Stripe account to MemBirds, you can receive payments within a few minutes.

Thanks to our built-in templates, you don't need any technical skills to quickly and easily publish a sleek checkout page.


Everything you would expect from a top-class payment system


Increase your conversion rates by giving customers the option to pay in installments.


Perfect if you offer a membership and want to use a monthly (or annual) subscription payment.

Direct debit

Manually creating orders, invoices etc. is a thing of the past. MemBirds fully automates your direct debit payments.

Stripe integration

Connect your Stripe account to MemBirds within 5 minutes, after which you can receive payments immediately.

Discount codes

Give fixed amounts or percentages discount and decide for yourself how often a voucher code can be used and how long / for which products it is valid.

Brand identity

Create a familiar and welcoming feeling to customers, which will increase the conversion on your payment page.


Select a design from our template payment pages that best suits your product.

Custom thank you page

Use the built-in thank you page template or redirect customers to a self-chosen URL after purchase.

Multiple currencies

Switch between euros and dollars with the click of a button. Handy if you work with international clients.

Realtime (sales)dashboard

No delay in your data, so you always have insight into your most important statistics.

Facebook Pixel & Conversion API integration

Avoid wasting money by accurately tracking the results of your Facebook Ads campaigns.


Export order data in CSV or Excel format and import it directly into your accounting software or forward it to your accountant.

No transaction fees

Your earnings are all yours. MemBirds does not charge any transaction fees.

Optimized for conversion

High converting checkout

Completing a payment on our payment pages is simple, fast (less than 10 seconds) and safe for your customers, resulting in more sales and less drop-off in the process.

Built-in conversion triggers

Our payment system is equipped with various built-in tools that increase the conversion on your checkout pages.


A checkout optimized for maximum conversion


Increase the average order value by offering relevant upsell(s) to customers.

Discounted prices

Show the customer how much he/she will save by buying your offer right now.

Order bumps

Increase your average customer value by adding an order bump on your checkout page.

Free trial for memberships

Let customers try your subscription first (e.g. first month free or for a lower amount).

Direct debit for subscriptions

With a free trial period for your membership, customers verify their credit card. This allows the first recurring payment to be collected automatically.

Countdown timers

Add countdowns to your checkout page to increase scarcity. Count down to a fixed time or use a personalized deadline per member.

Limited availability

Increase scarcity by limiting the amount of available products.

Live notifications

Create scarcity by showing notifications on the checkout page when another customer buys the product.

Secure connection

All our checkout pages are secured with an encrypted SSL connection, so that your customers can checkout safely.

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